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The Earthen-World Chronicles

What is it all about?

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This is a place to view the files and information on my role-play Earthen World Chronicles. To join, click on the link. And prepare to imagine...

Imagine a world very much like our own that is set far back in time. Imagine our world if it were filled with magic and magical creatures. Imagine that this world was once peaceful. Imagine that this world is called Earthen-world.

In this world there are elves, werewolves, faeries, and wizards as well as man. Each of them have their own special qualities and magic. Each of them live in different parts of Earthen-world.

This has been a world for 1,000 years. 900 of which have been spent under the rule of a wizard. Those 900 years have been filled with turmoil. However, that is about to change. A group from each of the lands has a destiny to change all of this. Will you join us?