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Info About Earthen-World


Is there any time line this story could fit in?  The best timeframe for the setting of this story would be in the late Middle Ages.   


What do they eat?  They eat meats, fruits and vegetables.


What is the political system like? There is mostly a democratic ruling system in Telk and Alta.  In Grada there is a matriarchal rule. In Lyssa there are clan leaders. In Nafar there is a monarchy. 


Do people get sick, age, die, or get hurt? Yes they do. No one is immortal. Some might live longer than average. 


How do people get around? Flying with wings, riding horses, walking, cart and horse, boats, and canoes are all ways they get around.


Are there separate countries in Earthen-world?  Yes. There are 5 different countries. There is Grada, Nafar, Telk, Lyssa, and Alta.


What is the city and surrounding area like?  It depends on the country. Alta is a lot of forest with small farms dotting the area. The homes are Norse-like.  The Nafareens live in tree homes on stilts. The Telks live in brick homes and in small villages. Lyssa is the most cultivated. There is a large town with small farms dotting the area. Gradaens live in bubble homes under the water and also have small Grecian houses where there are farms.


What type of magic is there?

The magic leans towards elemental – fire,  metal, wind, water, and earth. Those there is also healing magic, traveling, building, summoning, and other types of magic. Each country has stronger control over an elemental magic.

Altians are good with metal magic – they are known for their metal works. Gradaens are talented with water spells and are the best healers in the land. Nafareens control the magic associated with earth. Lyssains are good with wind spells. Telks have a good grasp on how to work with fire spells.


How do they dress? In each country there is a different way of dressing. The climates differ and so which clothes are worn depend on the weather. The clothes are also adapted to the lifestyles. All of the clothes look Medieval. 


Alta: It depends on if the Altians live close to Mt. Beethe.  Those who live closer to the mountains or in them wear heavy wools, furs, leather, and cottons. Most of the time the men wear pants and the women wear dresses. Cloaks, long vests, and waistcoats are popular layering pieces. The dress is more Norse in style. 


Grada: The weather is very warm so lighter fabrics such as gauze, thin cotton, and silk are warn. Both men and women wear pants and tunics, but the women also wear gowns.  The dresses are loose and flowing while the pants tend to be close fitting as are the tunics.


Telk: Like Grada, they wear lighter fabrics because it is warm. But, like Alta most women wear dresses instead of pants.  The dresses the women wear are similar to the dress of Ancient Greece.


Lyssa: The weather is temperamental. In the summer it tends to be rainy and hot and in the winter it is very cold. Depending on the weather, the Lyssains switch between lighter fabrics and heavier ones. Coats are the preferred over-clothes.  


Nafar: It is always warm in Nafar. The clothes are lightweight as well as form fitting. This is out of necessity because the Nafareens fly.  


What are the main characters? There are 4 humans from Altian – I need Mathous’ younger brother, best friend, and their trainer -,  there is one faerie from Nafar, one lycan from Lyssa, one from Telk, and one from Grada.  There is also one powerful wizard who lives in the oceans off Grada.





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