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Can't belibe this place is from 2009.


Character Biography's

These are the biographies of the characters taken. If not listed here, the character is open.

Name – Neyu

Age - 27

Gender –  Male

Family – Mother (Shanyna), Father (Geolph), Sister (Recka)

Race – Altian

Looks –

            Hair: bright red, at its longest, it is shoulder length and at its shortest it is chin length,

            Eyes : hazel

            Clothes:  He wears green, wool pants with a green plaid wool jacket, underneath, he wears a heavy linen rust vest, and light weight cream shirt with matching scarf. He wears cream wool socks and a brown leather belt and boots. On his head he wears a tight fitting reddish brown hat. When he fights, he wears a set of leather covered breastplates and leg protectors.

            Build (height and weight): 5’ 10”, 190, lean and wiry

            Special Marks: Naturally ruddy cheeks that a freckled and a long and thin scar on his right arm

Weapons -  His weapons of choice are an ash long staff and a sword with an ash handle.

Animals – none

Likes – Spending time with his best friend, good food, a good joke, boating, playing wrestling, justice

Dislikes – cooking, unnecessary fighting, his honor besmirched, unlawful actions

Strengths – fighting with sword and long staff, boating, climbing, speaking

Weaknesses – fishing, farmer, controlling his anger, joking, using a bow and arrow

Fears – Losing his best friend, unable to defend himself, and small spaces

History –  He was born to a family who are farmers, he would have become a farmer except that he is not talented at growing things as well as because the war that has been brewing for 900 years. Instead, he became a warrior.

Sample post (3 to 5 paragraphs) –

Maybe I took the joke a little too far, Neyu thought. He looked at the ground sheepishly. However, it was difficult not to laugh. It had been the perfect joke.


“That was not funny! You should not have attached it to my pants,” his best friends younger brother shouted. The young man, barely of age, was trying to look tough, but instead with his eyes crossed and cheeks puffed out he looked more like a mad chipmunk.


Neyu sputtered. He then started to laugh. “I’m sorry,” he breathed, “Oh, at least…least you got the catch of the day.”


Name – Mathous

Age - 25

Gender –  Male

Family – Younger brother

Race (Lyssain, Gradaen, Telk, Nafareens, Altians) – Altian

Looks –

            Hair: Short, brown hair that is neatly trimmed

            Eyes : Blue-green

            Clothes:  Pants and shirt of think linen, a hooded tunic, under the tunic is a leather belt holding his pants taught, and leather boots

            Build (height and weight): 5’ 11”, 185, lean and wiry

            Special Marks: A neatly cut beard

Weapons -  Ash bow with hawk feather arrows and a steel sword with a dark green leather handle

Animals – none

Likes – Ale, spending time with his friends and brother, hunting, protecting his land, playing his flute, walking in the woods

Dislikes – War, flowers, sword practice, unnecessary items, gardening

Strengths – fighting with sword and bow and arrows, climbing, playing his flute

Weaknesses – swimming, singing, dancing

Fears - Spiders and deep water

History –  He was born to a family who was wealthy. His father was a leading metal worker. Because he was the eldest child, he would inherit the business. He was given a mentor to help him learn what he needs.

Sample post (3 to 5 paragraphs) –

There was war – all around, the man thought as he raced through as he raced the woods of Alta. The brown haired male stopped suddenly. His soft gray eyes furrowed as he looked into the dense foliage. The man placed a leather-gloved hand on the steel hilt of his sward so that if he must draw the blade, he could. With making little, if any, sound the man turned. He had heard rustling a little ways away. The man stiffened. His square jaw set and his soft gray eyes turned as hard as a storm cloud. He was ready to battle.

            “Come out. I don’t fear you, Telks,” the warrior said as he drew the blade out of its leather sheath. Clasping the steel sword in his gloved hands, he stepped forward. Neither the leather knee-high boots nor the deep green hooded tunic he wore over his shirt and pants made any sound as the male treaded over the dead leaves and twigs.

            There was a laugh. “Aiah,” he exclaimed when his younger brother and best friend came out. “You are no Telks,” he said.  

            Mathous placed his sword back into the sheath and then clasped the man firmly on the shoulder in greetings. “Where did you and my brother go off to? I really could have used your help. I had ten Telks on my tail, but they seemed to have lost track of me,” he said. He smiled and as he did, his right eyebrow rose so that it seemed to touch his hairline.

             His best friend explained what had happened as they headed towards their home. The Telks had not lost Mathous. Mathous’ brother and friend had averted them. Both had defeated the group.

Name - Hemming

Age - 22

Gender – male

Family – Mother (Mela), Father (Foren), older brother (Emmir), younger sister (Ardyn) 

Race (Lyssain, Gradaen, Telk, Nafareens, Altians) - Lyssain

Looks –

            Hair: dark brown, a little past chin-length

            Eyes: dark brown

            Clothes: He usually wears thin, beige or tan-colored shirts, a thick cotton coat, and dark, thicker pants. He normally goes barefoot. 

            Build (height and weight): 5’8’’, 180, thin and small but very strong

            Special Marks: a scar above his left eye  

Weapons – His hands, mostly, and sometimes a long, double-sided knife

Animals – none, except himself once a month

Likes – his sister Ardyn, spending time alone, nature, wind, courage

Dislikes – the rest of his family (he had a bad childhood), fear, being half-lycan, brain teasers

Strengths – his own body is very strong, fighting, fast reflexes, sharp senses

Weaknesses – quick and strong temper, though he taught himself to keep it under control

Fears – turning into a wolf, death, losing his freedom

History – He was raised in a bad home where his parents were indifferent towards him. His best friend was his little sister Ardyn, even after he first transformed into a wolf. He never told anyone about it, and he lived in constant fear of it. When he was sixteen, he moved away from his family towards the border between Lyssa, Alta, and Telk, where it was more secluded. He was content to stay there for as long as possible, but sometimes grew tired of his mundane lifestyle.

Sample post (3 to 5 paragraphs) –

Hemming paused at the edge of the river and turned to Ardyn, standing just within the shadows of the forest. He pressed a finger to his lips and motioned her forward. She crept towards him, placing each foot carefully, holding her breath. His sharp eyes caught sight of the nest in the long grasses on the bank and knelt down beside it.

“Look,” he breathed, and Ardyn stooped beside him. The lace at the bottom of her dress trailed in the soggy grass. They watched the tiny heads of baby birds take shape in the hazy morning light, letting out tiny peeps at random intervals.

Ardyn watched, her eyes wide in delight, and Hemming felt his heart nearly burst with pride. He was proud that he had remembered when the nest was. He was proud that, even as a wolf, he had had the presence of mind not to harm it. He was proud that he had made his sister happy. The sat together in the gathering dawn, watching the baby birds.    



Note to everyone:

This is not a place to role play. This is a site, blog, whatever, to promote the role-play. If you all wish to join, the link is: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/earthen-world_chronicles/. Please enjoy!

Promo Plot:

Peace and harmony are gone from Earthen-world. This is because there is an evil wizard who is as old as Earthen-world. He was banished to live under the sea off of Grada. As he was sent there, he placed a spell on the whole world to disrupt the harmony of Earthen-world. The Gradaens, who were immortal, became mortal. For 900 years , there has been a feuding war between Telk and Alta. The Nafareens became greedy and self-centered (they would help whoever would help benefit them). The Lyssains were made outcasts – sly and crafty – in the eyes of the rest of Earthen-world.

There is a prophecy that a group of beings from across Earthen-world would have to band together and put their difference aside to defeat the evil wizard. Can they forget what they have been taught? Can they learn to trust the supposed enemy? Will they be able to?

Info About Earthen-World


Is there any time line this story could fit in?  The best timeframe for the setting of this story would be in the late Middle Ages.   


What do they eat?  They eat meats, fruits and vegetables.


What is the political system like? There is mostly a democratic ruling system in Telk and Alta.  In Grada there is a matriarchal rule. In Lyssa there are clan leaders. In Nafar there is a monarchy. 


Do people get sick, age, die, or get hurt? Yes they do. No one is immortal. Some might live longer than average. 


How do people get around? Flying with wings, riding horses, walking, cart and horse, boats, and canoes are all ways they get around.


Are there separate countries in Earthen-world?  Yes. There are 5 different countries. There is Grada, Nafar, Telk, Lyssa, and Alta.


What is the city and surrounding area like?  It depends on the country. Alta is a lot of forest with small farms dotting the area. The homes are Norse-like.  The Nafareens live in tree homes on stilts. The Telks live in brick homes and in small villages. Lyssa is the most cultivated. There is a large town with small farms dotting the area. Gradaens live in bubble homes under the water and also have small Grecian houses where there are farms.


What type of magic is there?

The magic leans towards elemental – fire,  metal, wind, water, and earth. Those there is also healing magic, traveling, building, summoning, and other types of magic. Each country has stronger control over an elemental magic.

Altians are good with metal magic – they are known for their metal works. Gradaens are talented with water spells and are the best healers in the land. Nafareens control the magic associated with earth. Lyssains are good with wind spells. Telks have a good grasp on how to work with fire spells.


How do they dress? In each country there is a different way of dressing. The climates differ and so which clothes are worn depend on the weather. The clothes are also adapted to the lifestyles. All of the clothes look Medieval. 


Alta: It depends on if the Altians live close to Mt. Beethe.  Those who live closer to the mountains or in them wear heavy wools, furs, leather, and cottons. Most of the time the men wear pants and the women wear dresses. Cloaks, long vests, and waistcoats are popular layering pieces. The dress is more Norse in style. 


Grada: The weather is very warm so lighter fabrics such as gauze, thin cotton, and silk are warn. Both men and women wear pants and tunics, but the women also wear gowns.  The dresses are loose and flowing while the pants tend to be close fitting as are the tunics.


Telk: Like Grada, they wear lighter fabrics because it is warm. But, like Alta most women wear dresses instead of pants.  The dresses the women wear are similar to the dress of Ancient Greece.


Lyssa: The weather is temperamental. In the summer it tends to be rainy and hot and in the winter it is very cold. Depending on the weather, the Lyssains switch between lighter fabrics and heavier ones. Coats are the preferred over-clothes.  


Nafar: It is always warm in Nafar. The clothes are lightweight as well as form fitting. This is out of necessity because the Nafareens fly.  


What are the main characters? There are 4 humans from Altian – I need Mathous’ younger brother, best friend, and their trainer -,  there is one faerie from Nafar, one lycan from Lyssa, one from Telk, and one from Grada.  There is also one powerful wizard who lives in the oceans off Grada.